The Affordable Alternative to Natural Stone

The Faux Fence Company manufactures a truly unique fencing system like no other in the industry.  Many styles of Faux Fence are available, from a traditional limestone dry-stack wall to a beautiful dry-stack river rock. This composite formulation is extremely durable and resistant to water, ultraviolet light, heat, cold, chemicals and corrosion. Organic pigments are added during the manufacturing process to produce breath taking real stone coloring.

We dare you to tell the difference between Faux Fencing and real dry-stacked stone walls!

Click here for weed whacker demonstration
Durability Video

  Key Benefits

  • Resists damage from yard tools
  • Looks and feels like stone
  • Outstanding impact strength
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Cost won't rock your budget
  • Unaffected by temperature
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light, water, chemicals and moss
  • 10 year warranty
  • Patent Pending